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Continental AG

Continental is an international automotive supplier with approximately 190,000 people at more than 190 locations worldwide. With its large workforce, processing employee requests took time and resources. In particular, the company needed a solution for its employees to readily order phones and service plans, and to request software applications.

Continental turned to SMTX to implement SSP, the forerunner of SMTX Service Catalog. Now, employees can order phones, view and amend service plans through a centralized mobile phone shop. They can also request software applications. SSP handles the entitle workflow, including any required approvals, and automatically delivers the software to the employee once the workflow has been completed.



Honeywell is a Fortune 100 company that invents and manufactures technologies to address tough challenges linked to global macro trends such as safety, security, and energy. The company has approximately 122,000 employees worldwide. With a multitude of employee requests each day, the company needed a central environment to fulfill requests in an expedient manner.
SMTX has helped Honeywell successfully streamline the request management process. SMTX Service Catalog is now used to fulfill requests from various sources within a single environment. All requests, including requests for travel, shipping, IT and HR services, are processed on time. And Service Catalog supports the company’s request management processes in 10 languages including Chinese and Japanese.


Siemens AG is a global powerhouse in electronics and electrical engineering, operating in the energy and healthcare sectors. Siemens was looking for ways to empower employees to manage requests for a large variety of items, and gain insight into costs in order to attain savings.

In working with SMTX, Siemens has more than achieved its goals. Several regional offices use SMTX Service Catalog to automate their employee onboarding processes. The My Items function is used extensively to monitor costs of items delivered by third-party providers, leading to significant cost reductions. Siemens also implemented a custom-developed eCar module enabling employees to rent electric cars. The company uses 4 Web Store modules so employees can request IT services, and order hardware, software and mobile devices. And it has implemented SOX control, which triggers and manages SOX activities and reporting as needed.


s.Oliver Group

s.Oliver is a leading clothing brand in Europe and has almost 600 stores throughout the world. SMTX helped s.Oliver with the automation of their paper-based service request process. These processes were timeconsuming, difficult to monitor, and lead to fulfillment errors.


With an easy-to-use, user-centric Service Catalog, s.Oliver has replaced its outdated ordering processes for its 570 stores worldwide, as well as for its HQ in Germany. There was no need to train staff. Using SMTX Process Automation Platform was smoothly introduced in the organization and accepted as the central IT ordering place. s.Oliver removed all need for paper-based and email-based ordering, and could upgrade its fulfillment process.


With this implementation, s.Oliver saves approximately 3,000 hours per year in administration automation and ordering efficiencies.

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