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Traditional IT Service Management tools are in essential tool boxes with basic out-of-the-box features that can be customised to support your specific processes. Over the years the number of customisations runs out of control, resulting in expensive upgrades, high operational costs, complex interfacing projects and inefficient use of the software. In the end, your organisation will decide to migrate to a new ITSM solution, with the ambition to remain within the boundaries of the out-of-the-box features. And then, everything starts back at the beginning.

Reduce operational ITSM costs

Key Features

Based on standardisation, not customisation
Solution sharing across External Service Providers
Rapid implementation
No expensive interfaces
Low running costs
Designed for complex organisations
Control over full SLA chain
Faster than any other ITSM solution
Standardisatie, no customisation

Standardisation, no customisation

As organisation, you don't want to re-invent what has been done elsewhere. You don't want to overthink your support processes in order to make them match with your new ITSM tool, and you definitely don't want to spent large budgets on making your new ITSM toolset match with your processes. 

You rather want the new ITSM solution to come with up-to-date process definitions and be pre-configured according to these processes. ITRP has been designed by people with a long track-record in bringing multi-national IT organisations to higher maturity levels. All the knowledge gathered with these organisations has been bundled within ITRP and made up-to-date to support what is needed in 2016. 

When chosing ITRP, you chose to have quick and easy upgrade projects, a solution designed to operate in multi-vendor landscapes and with powerful out-of-the-box capabilities to manage SLA performances.


With ITRP you can collaborate with your vendors, right within ITRP. Expensive interfaces are no longer required and IT will be able to manage all vendor SLA achievements straight from the ITRP dashboard.

Rapid implementations

Rapid implementation

We think it is ridiculous that when an organisation has selected and purchased a new ITSM solution, the implementation project of that new solution takes up to a year to complete. All that time double license costs are charged and expensive consultants are working on the customisation of the new solution. 

Because ITRP comes with out-of-the-box configured processes and only needs a service hierarchy model to be defined, implementation projects can be as short as 1 month. Such a project won't focus on technology customisation, but on defining your service offering, within a hierarchical service model.

Within a few weeks, ITRP will contribute to make your IT organisation more efficient and better able to operator as a true service broker, managing all vendors' SLA contracts.

Low operational costs

Low operational costs

Keeping your ITSM solution operational should be simple and relatively cheap. Support processes have standardized world-wide and there is no need to have other processes in place than other companies of similar size and to support these with heavy tool customisations.


ITRP has been standardised based on a large number of reference companies and offers all features these companies need out-of-the-box. Customisations are not needed and because ITRP is offered as a hosted platform, your operational costs will be limited and much lower than using toolbox solutions like ServiceNow, Cherwell or TOPdesk.

Expensive upgrade projects belong to the past, as your ITRP environment is upgraded automatically to the latest version every Friday. Excessive automated testing cycles ensure that upgrades are done without impacting your operation.

Control over full SLA chains

SLA Chain control

The use of multiple external providers has become the dominant operating model for large enterprise organisations. For them, multisourcing is a strategic choice and their daily business is about managing external providers rather than managing technology.

In such a multi vendor landscape you need to be in control of SLA's and don't want to be dependent on performance reports provided by your vendors. With ITRP you get real-time SLA reporting straight within your ITSM solution and more important, SLA calculations take the full chain of providers into account.

Such a SLA chain is important in realising all SLA targets. You want your vendors to prioritise your incidents, based on end-user expectations and not only on the SLA times agreed with the vendor. With ITRP, vendors can see end-user SLA times, together with agreed OLA times, giving them the possibility to prioritise correctly.

Solution sharing with vendors and partners

Solution sharing

Communication is one of the biggest challenges of today's ITSM tools. Building integrations between multiple ITSM systems is already challenging when using out-of-the-box configurations. Realising and maintaining integrations between heavily customised solution is nearly impossible. This is a true obsticle in working together with your vendors.

With ITRP, integrations with vendor solutions are not required, as vendors can be granted access to a specific ITRP instances only containing tickets assigned to the vendor. ITRP offers trust relationships between multiple ITRP instances and that way it becomes as simple as assigning a ticket to a workgroup to establish a synchronised environment.

In case your partners don't want or can't use ITRP, out-of-the-box interfaces to most common platforms are available as hosted solutions on the ITRP hosted platform.

Complex organisations

Designed for complex organisations

Cor and Frederique Winkler Prins are some of the people behind ITRP. Together with the other founders of ITRP they have extensive experience within the ITSM community. They’ve worked for software vendors like HP and BMC Software and during their careers they have done numerous succesfull ITSM proces implementations for multinationals. They introduced new benchmarks and other great achievements within the ITSM community. In these years they saw the fouls and problems of existing ITSM tools and learned what information a service minded company needs. This knowledge and experience lead to the development of ITRP. 

After you have defined your service portfolio in ITRP, you have direct access to this knowledge and can start using the processes defined within ITRP.

Much faster than any other ITSM solution

Faster than other tools

Often, complex organisations have performance issues wit their ITSM tool. The larger the distance between the user and the datacenter, the worst perfomance is expected to be. ITRP is the ITSM solution that makes an end to this issue! It’s build for speed, and guarantees a perfect performance, also at locations with slow network connections.

Due to its cleaver design, ITRP ensures that performance issues belong to the past. The ITSM solution will help to increase employees productivity right from the start.  

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