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SMTX Conference 2019

04 nov


05 nov


06 nov


Monday November 4


For the people arriving on Monday, we will have an informal get together this evening and get ready for 2 days of hard work!

Tuesday November 5


The morning will be filled with presentation from SMTX and our customers. We want to give each customer the oppertunity to present how they are using the SMTX solutions.

SMTX will present some new development and share with you our future vision.

We will take you for a nice Belgium lunch and in the afternoon we will have a discussion on "SSP 2020". This is a code name we use to bundle idea's where we want to go to with our software after 2020.

Wednesday November 6


The second day will start again with customer presentations, showing the projects they are proud of. You can gather idea's on what could be useful to implement in your own organization.

After the lunch, we have reserved time to talk further about SSP2020 and to bring in any topic you would like to share with other SMTX customers.


SMTX Presentation

Key Notes SMTX

Key note presentation of SMTX, containing forward look to 2020 and essential new elements in the Process Management platform.

Download the presentation


Continental AG

Service Catalogue

Presentation of Benedikt Lautenschlager of Continental AG about their plans with the SMTX Service Catalogue

UZGent logo.png

UZ Gent

Student portal

Presentation of Joeri Meeus about the usage of PMP for their student portal 

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