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Modern design, easy to use


The SMTX Process Management Platform has a modern look-and-feel and is extremely easy to use. Service teams can be enrolled within a day and become productive immediately.

Customers using Self Service have access to a portal matching your corporate identity. 

Our mobile app offers access to running requests, approval actions and new requests on the go.

From e-mail to ticket


E-mail remains the most important way of communication within companies. Self Service portals may have obvious benefits, customers often prefer sending an email.

The SMTX Process Management Platform offers an easy way to convert incoming emails into tickets. Simply drag-and-drop the incoming email into a subfolder of your mailbox and the ticket will be created automatically.

Process Automation



Connect the SMTX ticketing solution to any system you have in your network. Those integrations work in 2 directions. SMTX supports all common technologies like SOAP, REST and XML to create interfaces.



SMTX offers a broad range of security features to keep your data save. Encryption is used to store sensitive data in the database and user roles can be defined to grant access.


On-premise or in the cloud

By default, the SMTX solution is installed in your local network. This ensures high security for your data and simplified connectivity to other systems like your authentication provider or data sources.

When desired, SMTX can also offer its software as a cloud services. Your instance will be made available on a secure server in the cloud and SMTX manages the environment for you.

Get a demo


When you think the SMTX Process Management Platform could fit your business needs, please do not hesitate to request a demo. We will be happy to offer you a personal 30-minute introduction using web meeting technology.

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