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SMTX Process Management Platform

The automation of work brings value to both customers as service providers. Your services are available 24/7, while automation makes sure the job gets done fast and correctly. 

The SMTX Process Management Platform is a state-of-the-art workflow automation solution to automate nearly any business process. It’s a solid base for optimizing internal processes and automate these where possible. This no-code solution is easy to use and fast to implement. New processes can be initiated through dynamic online request forms or manual ticket creation.

SMTX Service Catalogue

As a service organisation you want to organize and manage your activities with Services. Thinking in terms of services, instead of technology or products, allows you to get a better understanding how your services improve business processes and gives insights in operational cost. The SMTX Service Catalogue allows you to define your service definitions and publish this to your customers. This way a hierarchical service portfolio is build-up and managed.

Add additional information like service costs, SLA achievements and external vendor performance to your Service Catalogue to analyse performance of the full service chains.

Automated Word document generation

Are you still creating standard documents manually? Contact SMTX to get more information about our workflow based MS Word document generation. Our software collects information at any number of system or team and combines this data in a single MS Word or PDF document. Use your own lay-out and simply add the text elements needed.

Get in touch with us for a complete demo on workflow based MS Word document generation.

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