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Software for your digital transformation

SMTX provides software solutions that improve service delivery processes by workflow digitizations and service portfolio management.

Your digital transformation is realized with software of SMTX.

Service Integration
Process Automation

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is the process of using technologies to automate business process that could not be automated so far. New generation employees want multi-channel and 24/7 service delivery.

Service Portfolio Management

Service Portfolio Management is the process of managing your service offerings. What customer is using which service, under which conditions and what 3rd party solutions are required to deliver this service?

These kind of questions should get answered with your Service Catalogue. SMTX Service Catalogue provides an online solution for digitizing your Service Portfolio management process and publish your Service Catalogue online.

Digitize Workflows

Become more productive by digitizing your workflows! The SMTX Process Management Platform is a breeze for your people. Services become available 24h per day, through online request forms and get automated as much as possible.

We offer a no-code solution for the automation of work. Let your service delivery teams publish their services online and process incoming requests efficiently.

The SMTX Process Management Platform offers:

  • Approvals

  • Integrations with Identity Management tools, SAP, IT Service Management and HR solutions (REST/SOAP)

  • Automated Word document generation



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